Work from home Kitch style

It’s fair to say COVID-19 has rocked the boat and we’re all trying to adapt to a new normal as we now work from home. For those of us who are accustomed to conventional “office life” and a steady state of interactions on a daily basis, the shift to remote working can be a daunting prospect. We’ve come up with some tips and tricks on how to keep motivated whilst home becomes the new workplace.


It may have seemed fun to wake up 5 minutes before you start work and to sit down in your pyjamas, but let’s face it those days may not be your most productive! Keeping a routine will help set you up for the day, so start by setting your alarm as normal. If you’re no longer commuting or travelling into work make use of that time to go for a walk, meditate or even fit in a quick morning stretch. Then it’s time to fuel your body and nourish your brain with breakfast.


For all the tea and coffee drinkers out there, it’s very easy to drink mug after mug of your favourite caffeinated beverage… so make sure you hydrate before you caffeinate! Too much caffeine can compromise your sleep patterns, which can make you feel more sluggish and then you find yourself reaching for more.


We can spend a large portion of the day sitting at our desks and unfortunately we don’t all have the luxury of a home office. So setting up your workstation is extremely important and here are some useful tips to help you get set up:

  • Your head is balanced and not leaning forwards
  • Arms are relaxed by your side
  • Forearms are parallel to the desk
  • Find a chair with good back support, so you’re sitting upright
  • Your screen is approximately arm’s length away from you
  • The top of your screen is about eye level
  • Your feet can comfortably rest on the floor
  • A mug with the initial of your first name is advisable and if you can have a matching notepad even better!



Where possible get outside and enjoy the glorious weather mother nature is putting on for us, but do stay within the government guidelines. Whether it’s walking, jogging or going for a run once a day this will stimulate your brain and is great for your overall well-being.

Chloe has been enjoying walks with her spaniel Freddy!



It is more important than ever to stay connected, not only with family and friends but also with your work colleagues. Feelings of isolation can quickly set in, which can negatively impact your motivation. Book in a lunch date with a friend over Whatsapp call or speak on the phone, every little helps.

As a team we’ve been using Google Hangouts for our daily ‘Teatime’ meeting, allowing a little normality in our routine and a great space to catch up as a group.


Zoom, Skype for Business and Whatsapp are other useful apps that can help you keep connected.



Do something daily to get your body moving, whether that’s dancing, walking, running or yoga it’s all great for your body and soul! Give some of these a go:

Workout from home with Joe Wicks and Ellie Goulding.

Flow in your living room with Ebb&Flow.

#OneSongWorkout with Carly Rowena every day at 7am.



Here are some of our favourite accounts that have been making us laugh, kept us smiling and helped us all stay positive:







Finally, our very own Freddy working hard at home!


Do something every day that makes you smile and don’t forget we’re all in this together!

All the love





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