Blog strategy 101: Why do you need one?

Social media is a fantastic way to give your audience a taste of what your brand is about and the values that it stands for. But there is only so much detail that can be shared on your social channels at one time. This is where a well-written blog strategy should come into play as a place to send people to from social, to gain a more insightful look into your brand.

Why is having a blog strategy important to your brand?

Blogs are a great way to attract people to your website and educate them about your business. By writing and commenting on important topics that are relevant to your industry and audience, you can establish yourself as an expert within a particular field. You can provide value to your readers without expecting anything in return however, do it right and a blog can convert traffic into leads, and leads into customers.


There are many different approaches that can be taken when it comes to the content of your blog, depending on what you hope to gain from it. Blogs can be written to:

  • Share passions and knowledge
  • Make a difference
  • Express yourself
  • Gain brand exposure
  • Become an expert in your industry
  • Build an online portfolio of your work
  • Market your brand or business

Different approaches work for different businesses and it’s key to create a strategy around this to ensure you’re supporting your overall business aims.

Guest blogging

A well-written guest blog post benefits you, your blog and the author of the blog and is a fantastic way to share ideas, provide expert opinions and grow your social following – among many benefits. The best and most effective way to do this is to choose a brand or business who you have collaborated with in the past. Approach them with a pitch to write a blog about their time working with you, what they got out of the partnership and ask them to provide a testimonial or recommendation – this works really well on your website and social channels.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased exposure to targeted website traffic
  • A rise in social media shares, reaching out further into the industry
  • An improvement in your online authority

How does this affect your Social Media?

If your blog can convey you as an expert in your field, you’ll become an influential figure; someone that others can admire and learn from. This, in turn, will boost your social media following and allow you to reach further within your professional relationships.

The strategy part

So, now you know why you need a blog strategy, the next question is how do you implement one? That’s where we come in! Get in touch to chat to us about creating a blog strategy for your brand here.


We hope that you found this blog about blogging helpful! To read our other blogs, visit the website.

Until next time,

All the love, Kitch x

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