Using Social Media to Launch Your New Brand

While social media marketing is invaluable in promoting established businesses, it’s also an immensely useful tool when used to launch a new brand. A recent campaign we ran for a new yoga studio gives a clear illustration of just how crucial social media was to the process.


Ebb&Flow is a yoga studio in Farnham run by a fantastic mother and daughter team, Jill and Katy Simpson. Their enthusiasm and drive is infectious and we have loved working through the whole set up process with them. The most rewarding aspect has been in seeing the significant difference we have been able to make through our social media engagement and advertising strategy.

One of the major challenges in setting up any new enterprise is in reaching your potential audience and in generating interest ahead of having a tangible offering in place. Using their available assets and responding to their updates through the process we tailored a successful pre-launch campaign. We made use of the beautiful CGI shots and videos as well as pre-launch photo shoot images as the backbone of our strategy. The Ebb&Flow and Kitch teams worked closely to discuss design requirements and brand personality.

Hitting the right notes

Social media marketing provides an engaging platform from which to share the journey of your business’s inception and growth. There’s no better time to start to tell the story of your brand. In creating the initial organic digital strategy for Ebb&Flow we kept a wide range of different content. We incorporated ‘teaser’ posts, shared design inspirations, behind the scenes videos and introduced the team and even Katy and Jill’s pugs. It was the ideal opportunity to add a sense of fun to the personality of the brand.


Katy and Jill are in many ways the perfect team. While Katy is passionate about yoga and inspiring others to be their best self, Jill provides a strong hand on the business helm. Family values are important at Ebb&Flow and we work hard to emphasise the friendly and supportive atmosphere at the studio.

Making it happen

The major objective in our initial brief was to drive pre-launch membership sales. Alongside organic social media strategy across all channels we ran a targeted advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram. The membership packages were set up as different items in the Ebb&Flow Facebook shop. We were able to reach potential customers in a really pinpointed and strategic manner, which yielded incredible results.

Ahead of opening there were different and exclusive pre-launch options: the Discovery Pass, which offered unlimited access to the studio for 6 weeks after launch, the Ebb&Flow 3+2 Founder Package, giving 5 month’s unlimited access for the price of 3 and Annual Passes, which gave a year’s membership.

In managing our advertising campaign we targeted different groups across different platforms and with different packages. For example, we kept the content heavily focused on female potential clients on Instagram while keeping a wider gender focus on Facebook. We took the individual packages and targeted them to the different age groups to whom they would appeal.

We constantly monitored the performance of the adverts and were able to be responsive to the things that worked best. Initially we created emotional content but quickly came to see that we experienced a higher level of sales in response to snappier, factual ads. Another development came about in terms of the radius. It rapidly became apparent that our tight geographical target needed to expand as users tagged friends in surrounding areas.

Delivering results

The pre-launch sales were very successful. The response to the adverts was so marked that the Ebb&Flow team was able to see immediate results on their sales platform whenever the ads were run. Overall we saw an average price per click at a very pleasing £0.13.

Over the two month pre-launch period Ebb&Flow saw 530 membership transactions, of which 94% were online. The studio sold memberships over all three of the packages, representing a strong core founding membership.

How we can help your new brand

If you’d like to discuss the ways in which we at Kitch are able to use social media to launch your brand, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. We are an enthusiastic team specialising in digital marketing. We’re passionate about bringing your business to the attention of the right people, growing your social media presence and driving sales.




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