Using Snapchat in Business

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social platforms with 74% of all online sharing activity occurring in this space. With a range of fun filters and the newly acquired Bitmoji feature, it’s easy to see why millennials enjoy using it to communicate with friends, but when it comes to integrating Snapchat into a business’ digital marketing strategy does it really work?

snapchat in business

As with any social platform, Snapchat does have its limitations. Content is live, can only be viewed temporarily and requires constant maintenance to make it a success, but doing so could really benefit a business in the long run. It gives brands the opportunity to create live conversations with their audience, receive feedback and grow a loyal fan base.

Here are a few ways you can use Snapchat for business in your strategy:

Product Demos and Live Troubleshooting

They say a picture speaks a 1000 words so using Snapchat to physically show a product’s features or demonstrate solutions to problems could be a lot more effective than trying to explain it in 140 characters on Twitter.

Events & Geofilters

If you’re hosting an event why not include an on demand geo-filter? Creating your own geo-filter can add a new dimension to your event and encourage interactivity and e-word of mouth from guests. They’re simple to create and there’s lots of helpful guides online.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes footage is an easy and effective way to connect with users; it gives them an insight into your business and creates a brand story. If you’re based in an office, show users your desk space or if you’re a chef show them how you prepare a dish. It doesn’t have to be complicated but can add a lot of authenticity to a brand and allow you to use Snapchat for business.

Involve Customers in Decisions
It’s no secret that millennials love influencing brands. Whether you’re a coffee shop trialling new flavours or an interior designer choosing wallpapers, using Snapchat to ask users’ their opinions could be a great move.

The important thing to understand is that Snapchat is primarily a social platform and requires more of a relaxed tone. Whilst it may not be the best if you’re a corporate business, with a formal brand identity and older customer-base, there are real perks to using Snapchat in the right situations. Remember to keep content creative, interactive and fresh, and you could be onto a real winner in using Snapchat for your business.

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