The Power of Live Video for Businesses

Over the past year, we’ve all seen a huge amount of change in an unusually short space of time. This is especially true for social media, with more functionality available to you in just a few simple clicks. Live video has become an extremely powerful way to communicate online, so what do you need to consider before going live?

Reasons to go live on social media

Capture your audience
Utilising live video creates a shared experience for those watching. It turns a video from a broadcast into a conversation where users can ask questions that you can respond to in real-time. Not only does this build trust and engagement, but builds a community that are likely to watch again. There’s also an urgency to a live video that demands attention, with people 4x more likely to watch live streams than a recorded video.

You can keep it simple
There are now so many platforms that offer live video in just a few simple clicks. With no fancy set-ups required, you can set up your Live on your mobile device or if you have the budget hire a camera crew. According to Business Insider, at the beginning of April this year Instagram Live usage jumped up a whopping 70%! From workouts to live cook alongs viewers are less concerned about video quality and would rather get a ‘real’ interactive experience.

Skip the algorithm
Live content is prioritised on all of the big social media platforms newsfeeds. Instagram Live bumps your content to the first position in Stories at the top of the users feed and according to Hootsuite Facebook Live videos get six times more interactions than recorded videos.

Which Live video platform do I choose?

There are so many options to choose from to host your Live including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular for hosting Live videos, with more than 64 billion Facebook live videos daily and over 500 million people looking at Instagram stories every day.

Launched in April 2016, Facebook Live allows you to broadcast from your desktop or a mobile device. You can either select to go Live through your Facebook Business Page, or you can create an Event and then go live. Utilising Facebook Events allows you to make your followers aware prior to the event and build some excitement. Additionally, followers that click ‘attending’ will also get a notification to remind them you’ve gone Live. Live content can last up to eight hours on desktop and four hours on mobile devices. During the Live you can interact with your audience as they like and comment. Once your Live has ended, you can save the video to your feed for people to watch back in their own time.

Instagram is now the second most popular social media platform, with the Live function seeing a huge rise in popularity this year. Being a mobile-first platform, most functions are only available through your smartphone – including live broadcasting. The Live function allows you to collaborate with guests, ask followers questions and see their comments and likes during the streaming. At the time you go live your followers who have notifications switched on will receive a reminder you are Live. Additionally, followers will be able to see you are Live via the Stories feed. Instagram allows you to stream for one hour and you can then save the video to your IGTV for followers to watch back in their own time.

80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand with 30% having purchased a product they have seen on Instagram. This provides the perfect platform for businesses to utilise Live video content to engage their audience and build brand awareness.

If you’re new to Live content then keep it simple and choose your most engaged platform, your main goal of the Live and how long your video will be.

How to build Live video into your Brand Strategy

How often will you go Live?
Make a plan of how often you would like to go live, this will keep your followers coming back.

Identify your goals
Knowing what you would like to get out of the Live video is key. Do you want to build brand awareness, increase customer engagement or drive sales?

Choose your format
What is the reason you are doing a Live? Are you announcing something new? Doing a Q&A, a demonstration or maybe a Live cook along. Knowing your format will allow you to ensure it stays aligned with your goal. You can also inform your audience, making it easier for them to follow along.

Promote your Live 
Generate some excitement so that your followers know you’re going Live. Utilise Facebook events or Instagram story countdowns so that your followers know when and where to tune in.

Engage with your audience
Encourage viewers to ask questions, send reactions and share the video to promote an interactive experience.

Kitch examples

Here at Kitch a number of our clients have been utilising Live video content to engage with their audiences.

Wellocks at Home – Christmas Masterclass 

Q Hair and Beauty – Clarins Christmas Gifting

Young’s Pubs – Pub updates and new launches

If you’d like to chat to us about how to ass Live video content into your brand strategy we’re always here for a chat.

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