The Importance Of Video Content For Brands’ Social Media Channels

Next up in our series of blogs from industry experts we have the brilliant Ranald from RLW Film. As an expert in film and video production, RLW Film prides themselves in humanising businesses through modern-day storytelling.

Producing video content isn’t a new revolutionary stream of marketing to gain customers and sell products. However, it is a tool that more and more brands have started to realise the importance of to engage an audience, generate enquiries and make sales.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as just hitting the upload button and hoping that your video content is going to see an immediate return in investment. Brands today need to have a full understanding of how best to utilise video content across social media platforms to get the best results.

[1]The team from Hubspot Research carried out research concluding that more than 50% of consumers expect to see branded video content from brands and businesses.


Sit back and relax as we will be guiding you through how video content can be best utilised on your social platforms. 

Spark A Human Connection – Tell Your Story

A photo can speak a thousand words but video can help to amplify this further and in today’s world video is essential.

Video content provides the opportunity to tell a story, this is called a brand story film. This style of video encapsulates everything about your brand, your product, your service and most importantly your ‘Why’.

By communicating in a storytelling format, brands can integrate their key messages while still being entertaining. People buy from people, framing your narrative to spark a human connection will drastically increase your consumer’s retention figures. 

Consumers are wanting to know everything about the brands they purchase from. Ultimately video is a tool that will help build trust within your audience, show customers exactly who the brand are, what they stand for and where they’re heading. 

Using video content to create an engaging narrative while communicating your brand’s ‘Why’ is a recipe for success. 



Educate and Reach New Audiences

Video is the perfect tool to help prospective customers and existing customers understand how to use a product or service while reinforcing the value it adds to their lives.

97% of brands say video has helped their users better understand their product or service, and 95% of people have watched video content to learn more about a product or service. 

Video can help consumers understand your product/service in a matter of seconds. Social media has allowed audiences to consume more video content than ever before. The Gen Z consumer spends over 4 hours a day watching videos online across all social media platforms. Brands have a real opportunity to maximise on their existing or future customers by maximising the use of video across their social media platforms.

Data Is King

When brands start to utilise video on their social media channels, they gain access to data which will help gauge their audience’s viewing habits. It also offers analytics on how effective your video content is. 

Using insight tools you can help to assess how successful your campaign was for your audience.

You can take advantage of this data and retarget different campaigns to your audience depending on their viewing habits. 

Video offers the opportunity to experiment with different styles of narratives, styles and tones for different audiences. 

Return in Investment

Hubspot revealed that 88% of video makers reported a positive ROI from the video marketing campaigns. 

It is proven that the results of video content can’t be matched. Combining our understanding and expertise on how to create an engaging video campaign that sparks a human connection with your audience with data backing, we can help elevate your brand.

Top Tips – Before You Hit Record!

Are you thinking about stepping into the world of video for your brand? We have a few tips for you to consider before you invest in video production. 

  • Plan Your Video Strategy
    In every marketing campaign, there is always a strong strategy behind it. Creating video content is no different, we always recommend brands look at their overall marketing strategy to ensure they maximise the use of video.
    Discuss your end campaign goal. Do you want to boost enquiries? Generate sales or increase general brand awareness? Once this has been decided then reverse engineer how you can use video to achieve these goals. What type of videos do you require? Is it one video or twenty? It is essential that you plan your video strategy to ensure the best results.
  • Get Their Attention
    Once the plan is in place you need to understand how to get your audience’s attention. The rule of thumb is after 30 seconds of video content if you don’t grab your audience’s attention you will lose up to a third of your viewership, after a minute up to half of your viewership is lost. You need to ensure that your video content grabs your audience’s attention and keeps it.
  • Think About Your Messaging
    Video inspires everyone, but you need to ensure that a clear message is being communicated throughout to ensure the best results. It needs to be simple and easily conveyed.
  • Video Pace
    If you’re investing in branded video content you really need to understand your audience. If it is for an older generation, creating video content which is slower-paced, fewer cuts and use of subtitles is a must. If your target audience is of the younger generation consider faster-moving video which provides stopping power on their feeds. If your business caters to all generations then ensure you make separate campaigns to target specific audiences.

We Are Here To Help

Creating video content has the potential to transform your brand and business, to provide a huge increase in website traffic from your social channels. It is the best tool to build trust within your audience and increase brand awareness. 

There is a wealth of video content online, it is therefore, crucial to understand how to make your video content relatable to your audience. To spark a human connection that helps consumers invest in your brand. 

Brands are now utilising video production companies to help create on-brand premium content for their on-going brand campaigns. Tying in a strong social media strategy with premium video content is the formula to business success in an ever-growing competitive digital environment.


We work with companies to help communicate their messaging online using video. Take a look through our portfolio of work to see how we spark a human connection and engage an audience on a global scale.

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