The benefits of Yoga for the wellbeing of a company’s workforce

As the wellbeing of a team is more important than ever as so many continuing to work at home, or soon to be returning to the office. We continue our series of blogs from industry experts with the wonderful Ebb&Flow Corporate Wellness team to find out the benefits of yoga for the wellbeing of a company’s workforce.

They are the sister company to Ebb&Flow Yoga based in Farnham, who have been offering online Yoga, Pilates and Barre classes via their EbbFlowYoga.TV platform since March due to Covid-19 and more recently returning to in-person classes at the Farnham Maltings.

Who are Ebb&Flow Corporate Wellness?

At Ebb&Flow we believe that sustainable high performance begins with the energy of your people. Corporate wellbeing is by no means a new concept, but it’s one that’s growing in popularity in the world of business. Good health and well-being are vital for employee engagement and organisational performance; and with our core team coming from corporate business backgrounds, we know this as well as anyone.

As a company, we specialise in the area of total physical and mental wellbeing, with a special emphasis on bringing yoga and meditation focused wellness to the corporate world. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) there are 3 pillars to a complete physical activity programme; aerobic fitness, muscular endurance and flexibility.

Why Yoga?

Yoga not only ticks all three of these boxes but provides a number of well-documented physical, mental and emotional benefits; including reduced blood pressure, enhanced feelings of relaxation, stress reduction, improved digestion, better posture, increased strength and flexibility and improved balance.

Yoga also benefits individuals with chronic diseases, those recovering from injury and those with disabilities through improved body awareness and orientation, the development of focus and concentration, the encouragement of learning and creativity, and increased awareness of our connectedness to others.

How can this benefit my company?

For your company and staff, this means the following:

  • Increased productivity in the workplace.
  • Improved social connections (which ultimately contribute to co-operation and valuable project outcomes).
  • Fewer sickness days per employee as a result of lowered risk of disease and stress levels.
  • Higher employee satisfaction rates, connectedness and team culture.
  • Higher concentration rates and the ability to manage stressful situations.

What do Ebb&Flow Corporate Wellness offer?

With the current climate in mind, we have pivoted our business over the past four months to continue to provide weekly wellness packages to our corporate clients, which include both construction, educational and pharmaceutical giants. These are comprised of physical elements as well as educational tools designed to improve mindset and enable a greater understanding of topics such as Plant Based Nutrition, Digital Wellbeing and Sleep.

Prices start at £150 + VAT which means wellbeing is affordable for large or small companies. It’s all about making a strategy, which we can help you with; the priority is being consistent and empowering your workforce to improve their own health.

Get in touch with Ebb&Flow Corporate Wellness here to find out more.

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