Up your Instagram story game

  Since launching in 2016, Instagram stories have risen in popularity, overtaking main feed posting. Instagram stories are instant access to behind the scenes, authentic content that people love to see more of. Are you utilising Instagram's…

Add a little luxury to your social media

Social media is used by many brands globally now. If you're not on there you'll be losing out to competitors, reducing your engagement and not be maintaining a relationships with your fans. Luxury brands are seen as exclusive and private, but…
As shops reopen after lockdown, communication via social media is key.

Communication Via Social Media Remains Key After Lockdown

As shops get the go-ahead to reopen with the relevant precautions against Coronavirus in place, communication via social media remains key. The main focus for brands is to optimise their shop floors to keep customers and staff safe. However,…

Facebook Shops And Other New Features

The Coronavirus has forced businesses to adapt and innovate. Organisations are looking at new ways to sell their product or service and to maintain a connection with customers. Facebook has responded brilliantly, fast-tracking launches and developing…

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