Sounds Pinteresting

Pinterest is no longer just for planning your dream wedding, designing your new kitchen or looking up hair tutorials online (we know you’ve all done it!) With 200 million monthly users, Pinterest has now become an integral part of a brands toolkit. Sounds Pinteresting? Then read on…

Why is it so popular?

It may not be the most used platform like Facebook and Instagram, but Pinterest has it’s own unique benefits to modern brands – especially those with a pleasing visual aesthetic. Showcasing new products here means that they will show up in your viewers feed, often attracting them to check out your account and the majority of the time, follow your boards.

Who is using it?

According to Hootsuite, 68% of women in the US between the ages of 25 and 54 use Pinterest and while it’s true that the network does have more female users than male, 40% of new users are in fact men.

So, why use it for business?

As Pinterest is a platform that people reach out to for inspiration and ideas, it is an ideal place to feature new products from brands. A single Pin or image contains a link that you can link back to your website or a specific product in your shop, driving traffic to your site and increasing sales.

Collating a collection of Pins to create a Board allows users to see the collection in its entirety, and follow allowing similar Pins to show up in their feed in the future.

So whether you’re a cosmetics company or a foodie brand, if you’ve got a product to sell then Pinterest is your new go-to for advertising your products! Take a peek at some food and beverage brands who are killing it on the platform like Starbucks here.

Keep up with the trends

Each month, the team of experts at Pinterest draw up a list of the trending search topics, uncovering the most searched for things on the ever-growing platform. If as a brand you can tap into these trends and pair them with your own Pin campaigns it’s likely that you will see a rise in engagement with your followers. For reference, see here.

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All the love, Kitch x

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