Social Is Not Just A Pretty Face

Crafting a strong brand aesthetic on your feed is key, but there is more to consider when it comes to your social media strategy. Often, Instagram grids are full of beautifully curated images but don’t maximise the other functions on offer. Your company goals and overall marketing strategy should underpin any effective social media strategy. If done right, it can play a significant role in delivering new sales and/or leads. On this basis, we believe brands should invest time in making sure their strategy is effective and not simply post because they feel they should.

So, if it’s not just about a pretty feed, what else is there to consider?

Tell Your Story

Customers connect to brands with a story, so tell yours. Don’t just sell on your feed, your followers will see right through this and switch off. Craft captions that share anecdotes and create a narrative around your brand. Humans are ultimately nosy and will be intrigued to hear more about you. Tell your followers about the people in the business, what you stand for and how your products are made. And most importantly, celebrate your customers and those who are already championing your brand. Sharing third-party content often outperforms staged shots as it is relatable and showcases real-life brand advocates, swimwear brand Batoko are experts in this. Testimonials also help foster trust with new customers, so don’t be afraid to share the lovely words customers say about you.

Consider the Customer Journey

Although you may not be making the ‘hard sell’ in your posts, it’s crucial that you make it easy for your customers to buy from you. Humans are also lazy, so do the hard work for them. Platforms that facilitate links in posts – i.e. not Instagram, should always include a link where relevant. Update the link in your social media bios regularly and if there’s lots of content on your website, consider using a tool for Instagram such as to direct them to relevant pages quicker. Remember also to audit the customer journey on your website, social is just a small part of the buying process. A strong social media strategy and great website go hand in hand.

Connect With People

The effects of social media on our mental health has been a hot topic lately and rightly so. But used well, social media provides an incredible opportunity for people and brands to connect in a positive way. Take the time to engage with your followers and other relevant accounts. Again, it’s not about selling, it’s about creating conversations and sparking interest. Whether you’re singing the praises of another brand’s work or dealing with a complaint, always speak as you would in person. Take the time to be personable, it will pay off even if it starts with something negative. It sounds obvious, but it’s a common mistake. Sainsbury’s fishy exchange is one of our favourite examples of great customer service on social.


You would never invest money or time into another marketing tool – such as traditional PR or experiential events, without analysing the return on investment. So why would it be any different when it comes to your social media strategy? Diarise time monthly to review what’s working and what’s not. Identify key metrics to measure your social media strategies performance against your company goals. Bear in mind it’s not all about followers; website traffic, engagement and top content are equally, if not more important. Finally, once you’ve pinpointed what’s working, build more of that into your social media strategy the following month.

These are just some of our key tips for making your social media work harder, there’s lots more that can be done when you get down to the nitty-gritty of posting. Find out more in our upcoming School of Social courses, including the ‘Building an Organic Social Media Strategy‘ course on Wednesday 20th November.



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