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Social media is used by many brands globally now. If you’re not on there you’ll be losing out to competitors, reducing your engagement and not be maintaining a relationships with your fans. Luxury brands are seen as exclusive and private, but social media offers the opportunity for fans to become part of that close knit community and become even bigger brand advocates. People want to be part of something and feel like they are included. Whilst social media can sometimes mean the opposite if a person is being antisocial on their phone, it does offer a virtual reality to immerse yourself in.

Luxury baby wraps by Smallhausen

Smallhausen make luxury baby wraps.

Kitch have worked with several luxury brands on their social media; including Godiva Chocolates, Thameen Fragrance, Ebb&Flow Yoga, ikigai holistic, Leonidas Chocolates, Ondine Cuisine, Smallhausen and several others.  It’s not just luxury brands that we work with, but we do enjoy elevating a brand’s social media to add a little oppulence and a personal touch for both the customers and the client.

The past year has been an even bigger game changer for social media and for those brands that are still waiting on the sidelines to invest or push it forward, there’s no time like the present. Hootsuite have pulled together the industry stats for brands and you can see below that there is an evident brand presence that consumers wish to engage with:

So what’s different when you’re managing a luxury brand’s social media?

  1. Premiumisation is key to delivering a good social media strategy for a luxury brand. It must feel ‘extra’, working with the team on their content, videographers and then executing the strategy in the best way possible in line with the clients’ objectives.
  2. Personalisation, where possible get to know the customers, add notes to your software so the team know about them. This allows you to be more personal when responding to regular customers.
  3. Tone of voice, always ensure the right tone is taken and the correct language is used for each client.
  4. Loyalty, if you’re reposting a loyal fan’s Instagram story or always commenting on their posts – whether they are about your brand or not, you’re building loyalty with that customer.
  5. Consistency, always ensure there’s someone available to provide customer service, responses and engagement throughout the week. A high end brand receiving a complaint on a Friday or Saturday shouldn’t leave their customers without a response until Monday.


Ebb&Flow Yoga Studio

Read about how Kitch supported the launch of Ebb&Flow Yoga Studio in our case study.

If you’re thinking about a social media strategy for your luxury brand, it’s also worth considering how influencers fit into the mix. With no events having taken place over the past 14 months, it has increased influencers trying brands at home and sharing their experiences. But people are keen to return, make an impact and show off the exclusive experience of the brands they work with. One of our favourite events we’ve covered the live social media and influencer attendance for was the Godiva Gold Icons event at the Ham Yard Hotel in London. Pictures are captured by @LONDON, who were invited by us.

If you’re a luxury brand or a brand that wishes to elevate it’s social media strategy and outreach then please do get in touch.

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