Improve your customer service on social media.

Social media for any brand is a must, everybody is online one way or another. It can be used as far more than a tool to just share your latest news but also to provide effective customer service, increasing engagement and brand loyalty.

Brands with a strong customer service strategy can use this as a way of differentiating themselves from the competition. Responding to incoming queries in a proactive and personalised manner can help you to gain new customers as well as retain your existing customer base, long-term.

Building Engagement

Customers are tired of waiting in never-ending phone queues or for a response via email. More often than not, they are turning to social media channels with their complaints in hope of quick and easy communication. The longer the customer has to wait for a response, the more frustrated they’ll get.

Make sure you are responding to messages and comments that you get as this dialogue will create a relationship with the customer but also display to other potential customers that you care. 

Should a complaint be posted publicly about your brand, the best thing to do is respond and direct further details via a private message. This will help you to deal with the issue whilst taking it out of the public eye. By responding publicly first, you show to other customers that you are addressing the issue and taking action to remediate the problem.

Social Listening

We can guarantee that there will be lots of occasions where people are talking about your brand, but not necessarily using the account handle. For example, on Instagram, some people will share images to a brand’s location without tagging them in. It’s important that these channels are checked and any comments responded to as it shows that you’re engaged with all that’s being said about your brand.

There are social listening tools that can be used to pick up these additional posts but if you don’t have these, just use a variation of tactics to find them.

Customer Feedback

People not only use social media as a way to complain to brands but also to show their appreciation and shout about their experience to their followers. Showcase what others have shared about your brand by resharing their content and follow up with a message of thanks for the feedback. You will make them feel like a valued customer as well as show to new customers how your product/service can be used.

We hope you find these few tips useful. Keeping up an efficient customer service strategy can be very time consuming, but we can help you to manage this and keep smiles on your customers’ faces.

Get in touch if you would like to know more.

All the love, Kitch x

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