Social media consultancy from the experts.

When we meet small businesses they sometimes have the hurdle of not being able to completely outsource their social media requirements.

In a quest to help more businesses that may have some idea of how to manage their social but need a little direction and encouragement, we can offer support with a range of different social media services.

Social Media Audit

If you’ve lost your way and are no longer feeling confident in what’s going out on your social media channels then let us do a full audit. We’ll identify problems and make recommendations to solve them.

Coaching Sessions

We’ll come to you for private one to one coaching sessions to discuss your business objectives, help you streamline them and create a social media strategy that is realistically manageable for you.

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If someone less experienced in your business is taking on social media management as part of their role, we can talk them through the best way to manage this and provide them with on-going training to develop their skills.

Image: Nicki Feltham Photography

Social Media Strategy

Whatever business you are, there must be a clear strategy behind what you wish to achieve via social media. Often, it is brand awareness with the aim to drive increased sales or bookings. We can help focus your efforts to get the best result.

Social Advertising

If you require support managing the more complex side of social media, you can outsource your social media advertising to us. We manage up to £10,000 worth of social advertising per month for our clients. We will optimise your ads to deliver the best results across all channels.

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