Why Do Some Still Overlook Social Media?


Social media is often overlooked by businesses for reasons such as, ‘it’s not worth it’ and ‘we haven’t got the budget’. Firstly, let us give you some statistics. People will be able to reach your social media channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If done well, you will reach more people through social media than any other medium.

In 2018, Facebook ranked No.2 as one of the world’s most visited websites underneath google.com (mind-blown). With Facebook having a whopping 2.17 billion active users a month this is only going to increase with the amount of social media users growing every year. 2018 also saw 3.1 billion active social media users, a month, worldwide (Hootsuite, We Are Social 2018 Digital Yearbook).


Having social media accounts for your business before even opening allows for brand awareness and anticipation for future customers to become interested in you. Start with a bang and people will want to be outside before you open. You can look to host a launch party or opening promotion and include local influencers or businesses on the guest list to spread word of mouth.



Now you’ve opened and got everything running smoothly, it’s time to get on social media and get the customers flying in. Social media allows you to make more relationships with people, who live locally or share the same interests as you and your business. As well as creating a reliable and speedy customer service (read our blog ‘Customer Service on Social Media’ for some handy tips).


People often see social media as an afterthought when launching a new business.  Yes, it can be time-consuming but it’s also key to driving people to your business once you open. If no one knows about it they’re not going to pop in, book a table or purchase on your website. Build trust and relationships with potential customers and the rest will follow. Ensuring you have an advertising strategy in place prior to launch is also key in delivering sales to your bottom line from day one. Take a look at our case study with Ebb&Flow Yoga studio prior to their launch, their social media strategy and advertising plan secured them 530 memberships before even opening their doors.


All the love,

Kitch xx


If you have any social media needs of your own, email us at hello@kitchmedia.com. Or find us on social media and say hey!

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