Our brand Kitch was in need of a major overhaul and after a long decision process on who to work with for our new website and rebrand, it was decided that we would work with a young budding agency in Chichester called Odes and Ink.  The dynamic duo and couple have many talents behind them, Alice with her copywriting and branding skills and Joe with his design and development.

I started Kitch four and a half years ago and have loved every minute of the ride. I now share the business development and management with our Marketing Manager Susan and she has been fantastic from the beginning. Having started Kitch I found it difficult to capture who we are in a few lines and to express this to Alice and Joe. We know what we do and that we’re good at it but from a branding point of view, this was a whole new journey for me to go through. Thankfully Odes and Ink took us through a really useful branding workshop and worked on many designs to ensure we were happy with the final product which we really are.

Here are some of the final colour variations of our logo with a background colour:

JPG_Kitch Lockup Stacked on Black JPG_Kitch Lockup Stacked on Blue JPG_Kitch Lockup Stacked on Grey JPG_Kitch Lockup Stacked on Pink

With a white background they appear like this:

JPG_Kitch Lockup Stacked on WhiteJPG_Kitch Lockup Stacked Blue  JPG_Kitch Lockup Stacked GreyJPG_Kitch Lockup Stacked (1)

Our main use of the logo follows the dusty pink tones keeping it feminine, fresh and clean. Alongside our branding guidelines there is a lot of white space used on the website and in all collateral.

Kitch Main Logo

Where we have come from in this time is just amazing and I am so proud to work with my wonderful team.  Not only have we achieved to work with some fantastic clients and continue to do so but we have done it all from our office in Sussex, working on emerging markets campaigns, global Facebook ads and ongoing work with clients in London, Spain and France.

We also managed to move office last week and you can now find us at 2 New Town in Chichester and there’s even a terrace which you can see beautifully modelled by Suzy, taken from our Instagram account.

Kitch new office - by Suzy

This year has been about defining who we are and what we wish to achieve. With this is mind we have streamlined our services to focus solely on Social Media Marketing and Influencer Outreach as this is what we excel at and why the majority of our clients want to work with us.

So take a look around the website and make yourself comfortable and if you ever want to chat then we’d love to talk.