The Importance of Social Media for Luxury Brands

Fans of luxury brands will want to follow what they’re up to on social media and be able to comment on their content. Some luxury brands social media falls behind by not having accounts set-up or a social media strategy in place and can make them unreachable by consumers on a day-to-day basis.

Online & Offline Presence

Developing discussions online and offline are equally important for luxury brands. Creating in-store initiatives to begin conversations with staff and other customers is one side of the story.  Encouraging social sharing is for many luxury brands an achievable goal.  Consumers wish to share that they’ve had an experience with brands like Mulberry or Aspinal of London, especially on Instagram. This creates brand advocates and third party content for the brand to regram on their own feed like below.

luxury brands social media

Hosting an event to showcase a new product range is a good way to get people talking about a luxury brand in the moment and also allow them to enjoy the brand experience on location.  As an example you can see how we managed a luxury brand event for Godiva Chocolates at their flagship store on Regent Street.

Luxury Brand Awareness

The event launched a new soft serve Ice Cream for luxury brand, Godiva Chocolates. This was an exclusive event for bloggers and influencers to try the new product, take photos and share using a dedicated hashtag created and managed by us for the event.

Ice Cream Event

Whether using social media to maintain a beautiful customer service experience or revealing more behind the brand and it’s ambassadors; the conversation is happening, with or without you.  Luxury brands should be accessible to fans whether they are buying your product or not.  It gives the brand value and will encourage people to become fans and aspire to try or own a product.

If you work on a luxury brand’s social media objectives then ensure you have a thought out plan in place to maximise reach and engagement to the right audience. If you’re unsure then consider working with an agency to compliment your social media strategy.


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