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Social Media Management Dubai

Exciting times are afoot at Kitch Media HQ! We’re expanding our social media and marketing services nearly 4,500 miles to Dubai.

Dubai is a fantastic market for us to move into for many reasons. Primarily, their food and beverage market continues to grow at an unprecedented level. The region has seen a constellation of Michelin starred chefs settling into the major hotels’ kitchens and an explosion of branded chain restaurants and more entrepreneurial neighbourhood-style eateries. We have been loving the trendy Aussie vibes of Boston Lane, and can’t wait to sample the delights of Nathan Outlaw’s menu at Al Mahara, Burj al Arab Jumeirah.

Tourism, which fuels the food and beverage market, is also particularly strong and has seen an annual increase of 12% year on year in the first quarter of 2017.

Those residing in the UAE spend an average of 3.24 hours daily on social media (the fifth highest across the globe). Indeed, the growth of social media from 2016 – 2017 has increased by 46% year on year. The UAE has the highest social media penetration at 99% for its population size across the globe.

We think the strong foodie industry developments in the region, coupled with the social media boom, makes this an ideal time for Kitch to get things moving in the region.

Our Girl on the Ground

Our services will be identical to our offering in the UK. We’re very fortunate to have Jo Moore heading things up for us in Dubai. Jo has plenty of experience in branding, marketing and digital communications within the hospitality sector (plus other industries). She’s bursting with energy and ideas to help get your brand noticed. Jo excels at curating the best content to engage with those you want to reach. Local Dubai-based businesses can offload the burden of social media marketing to us and watch their brand expand. 

If you’re in Dubai and want to chat about how we can help you, get in touch via


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