Our Instagram Top Picks – July

We love Instagram! It’s definitely our favourite social media platform and we’ll happily spend hours and hours scrolling through our home feed and looking up the most popular and trending hashtags. We’ve recently come across a few accounts that are so lovely we thought we’d share them with you.

1Little Big Bell

Geraldine is an award winning London blogger specialising in curated design and lifestyle images. We love her posts as they are beautifully styled and very colourful. We feel that her images are the summer injection we are missing with this rather miserable British Summer!

Recently Geraldine partnered with one of our clients Godiva and created a lovely image of their souvenir chocolate box.


Ziba Artystone is a high profile book blogger that shares creative images of her latest reads. She has featured one of our clients Klevercase as she’s a huge fan of their products. If you’re a book lover, we’d definitely recommend following this account.

3Wright Kitchen

Brittany Wright is a food photographer and looking at her account makes us very hungry! Her philosophy is that food is an art, and an opportunity to do something creative – colour gradients have never looked more delicious!


Maria Belfort’s blog One Tiny Leap is a family travel blog documenting their travels around the world including the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Her images are very inspirational and get our feet itching to go on holiday.

Maria and co recently visited two of our local clients Woodstock Suites and The Earl of March.

5Georgia’s Cakes

Lastly, a very indulgent instagram account! Georgia creates individually designed, hand crafted cakes and desserts that make our mouths water. We recommend not looking through her account when you’re hungry as you will definitely start craving something sweet.

We’d love to know which Instagram accounts you’re in to at the moment, tweet us at @kitchmedia or tag us in a post on Instagram.

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