Instagram Top Picks – August

Here are some of the Instagram accounts that have kept our thumbs busy throughout August!

1Helen Cruden

Helen’s account focuses on photos of polo matches and the horses in general. The pictures on her feed include action and still shots of the horses and some of the riders celebrating their glorious wins. What we love is that the pictures are taken with such care and precision and it definitely pays off.

She has recently been at one of the many Cowdray Polo events and having Cowdray Polo as one of our clients we were pleasantly surprised to stumble across her account.



Her handle @ohsprinkles hints that food may be involved and it definitely is, the best kind in fact, chocolate!  Anett focuses on macarons and chocolate and has an outstanding skill in what she does. The macarons are always perfect and in every photo decorated differently. All in all an account that will make you very hungry!

Anett has previously collaborated with one of our clients, Godiva, and did some amazing work with their chocolate!




This account features a bit of everything; style, travel, beauty, food and lifestyle. Whatever the photo, it is always very inspiring. If you’re one to keep up to date with trends and love a bit of lifestyle then we recommend you follow Ellie’s account!

4Thoroughly Modern Milly

We love this account because all of her photos are very appealing and definitely make us want to keep scrolling. Her photography is of a very high quality and not over ‘staged’ which we love as it makes the photos more realistic.



Lastly Elizabeth’s account has recently featured a lot of images of the outside world as she’s been on a trip to Norway, and now we want to go! If you love a good adventure then this account is sure to give you some inspiration whether it be for just you or and the whole family. Definitely worth a browse!

We hope that you enjoy these Instagram accounts as much as we do. Let us know which accounts have been keeping you busy recently, tweet us at @kitchmedia or tag us on Instagram.

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