Instagram Algorithms Explained

Instagram Algorithms explained

Last week Instagram announced they will be filtering posts into our home feeds based on what they think we want to see as opposed to the chronological order images were posted. In their words, ‘See the Moments You Care About First’, this means they will use an algorithm to determine what we view.

Acquired by Facebook in 2012 after launching only 2 years earlier, Instagram has become a power-house social media channel with over 400 million users worldwide. And after introducing advertising to the platform in 2015 the appeal to business users has only grown, providing increased opportunities for brands to reach their customer demographic via targeted ads. The new algorithm further plays to the benefit of businesses, ensuring their products will be waiting for the consumers when they wake up, regardless of time zone. But is this what the consumers and Instagram users want?

For many users the beauty of Instagram has been that you can effectively create your own algorithm by who you choose to follow, not what the platform decides you should view. What we love about Instagram is that, unlike Facebook we use it to connect with more than just our personal friends. It’s a place we discover new bloggers, brands, and places to eat. How this will be affected by the new Instagram algorithm we are soon to find out. Hopefully those we want to see and like pictures of most often will still appear top in our feed, otherwise it really becomes more like Facebook and less of what we loved about Instagram.

Let us know what you think of the changes.

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