How to create a professional brand page on LinkedIn

Networking is nothing new and is proven to be a successful strategy to make new connections, this can be done both in person or online. During Covid 19, it has taught us that by utilising social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, you can network from anywhere, no matter the circumstance.

Brand pages allow LinkedIn members to learn more about specific businesses’, goods or services, career prospects, and more by visiting their company pages. You can quite often learn a lot about the culture and the people in the business.

Take a look at our tips below, to learn more about creating a professional LinkedIn page, networking on LinkedIn and why it’s important.

Enhance your page

Creating a standout LinkedIn page is important as almost everyone will judge the way the branding looks before following your business.

  • Having a professional-looking page is essential, along with your profile picture being your logo. The same colour scheme and themes should always be the same as consistency is key.
  • Creating your own banner photo is important and must be within your branding.
  • A strong summary is important as it is used to highlight your business and what you offer. It helps you stand out amongst other competitors and entice future followers.
  • It is essential to have the link to your website on your page. If people are interested in your content, it is very likely they will want to go on your website for more.

Gaining followers

There are many ways to build an engaged following and get a good reach on your page.

Good Content

Posting good and informative content is a must. You should treat your page as a place where followers can view good quality content that will both educate and inform them. The majority of the content you post should be your own, but you can also use 3rd party content if it supports your brand and you share your own view and outlook on it.

Being active

Being active and posting regularly is essential. Ensure you post a couple of times a week to drive engagement. The more users who engage with your content, the greater exposure they’ll get since they’ll appear in more member feeds. Posting frequently will increase your reach but it does require time. If you struggle to think of content ideas then plan out themes to work to and test what performs best.


Community hashtags are a great thing to use on your page. This means the posts on your feed will be using those hashtags and will be relevant to your brand. Engaging with your feed will help you gain exposure for your brand and gain followers.

You should also be using hashtags in your own posts. We recommend using up to 5 is a good idea and after you have written your content some suggested hashtags come up. Your content will be seen by more accounts within your target audience; this will allow you to expand the reach of your post and grow your following.


Using the build-in LinkedIn page analytics is important as it will show you which content is working and what isn’t doing so well. You need to know what type of content drives good engagement and builds your audience. Giving your followers what they want to see will attract more followers.

There are several strategies to boost the number of people who follow your LinkedIn brand page. A successful social media strategy is built on the pillars of an up-to-date page, quality content, and regular updating.

If you need some extra support on getting started then get in touch and we’d be happy to support you.

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