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Social media is now an incremental tool for all businesses, whether B2C or B2B there’s a strategy that will help you to acquire the right customers for your brand.

You need a strategy to make a change, working haphazardly will not see you achieve the potential you can gain from focus and if driving sales is your key remit at the moment (which let’s face it, it’s everyone’s right now) then these are our top tips…

Work ahead with a content plan 

Have your marketing strategy mapped out in your content plan so that your posts reflect the campaigns and you are actively encouraging customers to think about your product or service. One post on your product won’t do it, it’s about seeing it several times with various messaging to get people to click through and find out more.  Ensure you’re adding links and making it easy for people to book or buy from you.

Engage brand ambassadors

Influencers are one of the best ways to get your product or service seen but one-off visits and send-outs are not as successful as building long-term relationships with a select few that really love your brand and fits with their style and ethos. Using codes and tracking links are a good way to make sure they are delivering to your overall objective.

Social media advertising 

One we’re being contacted for a lot at the moment is social media advertising on Facebook & Instagram. This is a great way to get your posts seen by a relevant audience and you can even utilise the swipe up feature on Instagram even if you have under 10K followers. Look at a warm audience first, those that have engaged with you or been on your website as they will be most likely to be aware of your brand and more willing to buy or book with you again. Then create some lookalike audiences based on their profiles to reach the right demographic and use the Facebook pixel to track their effectiveness.

Facebook & Instagram shops

Bring your shop to where the people are and allow them to shop directly from social media. There’s more on this feature here. social media shops

Engagement strategy

If you’ve been closed and not posting on your accounts you’re going to have to put in some real hours to get yourselves out there again. This needs to be done daily and ensuring you’re responding and engaging with customers or potential customers is key to getting your brand visible.

Brand partnerships

Got a great product or service but don’t have enough clout behind your social media? Partnering with like-minded brands to get the word out there is an excellent way to achieve and grow your platforms, it also brings potential customers your way. Again, look for long-term relationships and not just one-offs.

With social, there’s no quick fix to making thousands of sales but with the above in place it will help you get there.

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