Communication Via Social Media Remains Key After Lockdown

As shops reopen after lockdown, communication via social media is key.

As shops get the go-ahead to reopen with the relevant precautions against Coronavirus in place, communication via social media remains key. The main focus for brands is to optimise their shop floors to keep customers and staff safe. However, to make opening worthwhile, businesses will need to get customers through the door. Social media offers the perfect platform to share updates about the in-store customer experience and build confidence in your brand. So what do shops need to consider?

Build Confidence

First and foremost, ensure you announce your plans for opening. Reassure customers and build trust by being transparent, let them know what precautions are in place to protect staff and customers’ health. Stay consistent in your messaging both online and in-store. Utilise the same wording when communicating updates in social posts, on store signage and when speaking to customers in person. Even better, think about reinforcing the procedures with simple icons or infographics. Canva is a great tool for creating branded designs and is simple to use.

Audit Your Accounts

You may be opening with reduced services or hours, ensure you communicate this effectively by auditing your social channels. Adjust opening times accordingly, update services listed and highlight key changes. Other online platforms to consider include your website and Google listings. Make sure you have all bases covered!

Stay Social

Once open, it’s important to stay social. Plan your social media strategy with your business aims in mind, while staying mindful of the current situation. Consider the images you use carefully, avoid showing photos with multiple people in shot or practices that do not comply with the new regulations. Ensure your staff are fully briefed and again, not sharing any content where they’re not wearing the necessary protective equipment if relevant. Focus on profiling the new shopping experience and what products you have on offer. 

Keep Adapting

Not all customers will feel comfortable with the traditional shopping experience, therefore e-commerce may play a bigger part in your business than before. Don’t expect things to return to ‘normal’, prepare to adapt. Capture new customers by maximising this opportunity; set your social up to sell online and prepare for the imminent launch of Facebook Shops.

If you’re not sure how best to communicate in-store updates or drive online sales, give us a shout. While this is the first step in the high street reopening, we are already making plans for our hospitality and wellbeing clients due to open from July. Uncertainty is without a doubt daunting, but it can also open new doors as we evolve with the changes out of our control. 

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