Wright Brothers

Paid Tiktok Strategy


  • Increase the new profiles’ visibility via a paid ads strategy
  • Grow the following
  • Increase engagement

Campaign Overview

Working with our long-standing client The Wright Brothers we recommended elevating their TikTok strategy, both through sharing more organic and trending content as well as utilising a paid budget. 

Our recommendation to grow TikTok for the brand was to reach a new audience and showcase a more creative and fun side to the business. With a strong organic strategy in place, we looked to grow further with a more defined paid strategy in the form of content engagement ads on the platform. 

Content engagement ads increase following, engagements and profile views to a relevant, specific audience who are relevant to your brand.


Results achieved through a campaign ran over a 2 week period:

  • 1,328 new followers.
  • 180,534 impressions
  • 5,216 total engagements
  • 166.5K total views

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New Followers Gained