Wright Brothers

Influencer Marketing


Collaborate with influencers to increase branded recipe content and brand awareness.

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Since 2020 we have engaged foodie influencers on behalf of Wright Brothers with the aim to drive sales, increase user-generated content and grow brand awareness. A mix of Reels, Instagram Stories and grid posts have been created, delivering excellent results.


Highlights include:


To drive new followers to Wright Brothers, we collaborated to deliver a brand partnership competition

  • 1,576 new followers gained.
  • The competition post gained 3.2K likes.
  • Engagement increased by 70%.


We have collaborated with Rosie to increase website sales for Easter.

  • The post generated over 1.9K engagements.

Alexandra Dudley

Alexandra created a scallop recipe to feature on their website, in addition to unique Instagram content.

  • The post gained over 800 engagements.


The aim was to drive awareness and sales for the Platinum Jubilee.

IG clerkenwellboyec1