Primal Strength HIIT Bench

Influencer Marketing


  • Drive engagement and brand awareness
  • Increase sales and following

Campaign Overview

We partnered Primal Strength with trusted influencers with a relevant demographic to the brand to create content that will engage a new audience and drive sales for their HIIT Bench.

The Primal Personal Series HIIT Bench Package is a fantastic option whether you’re a complete beginner starting your fitness journey or a seasoned fitness enthusiast. Containing everything you need from dumbbells to a battle rope for a home workout, maximised into the bench.

We collaborated with Marcel Nathaniel, James Beardwell, Kieran Nicholls and Mesha Moinirad to create a full-body workout from home.


Together, they drove:

  • Reach of 73.3K
  • Gained 5.65K engagements
  • 177K Reel plays

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