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Influencer Marketing


  • Increase engagement with trending recipes using relevant influencers that have an affiliation with Panasonic Kitchen UK.


We partnered Panasonic Kitchen UK with trusted influencers with a relevant demographic to the brand to create content that will engage existing customers and appeal to those who may wish to aspire to own a Panasonic Breadmaker or Combination Oven.

We selected influencers based on their audience, values and content creation skills to ensure the content is engaging. Each creator was given a theme or recipe to work from based on when it will be featured on social media.


We saw some amazing results. During the 6-month campaign the content generated 165.8K engagements, reach of 1.7M and 2.2M Reel plays!

That Foodie Jess

We partnered with Jess to create Reels using Panasonic’s Combi Oven for World Vegan Day creating a Tofu “Salmon” Bowl and Cantonese Roast Pork for Chinese New Year.

  • 20.9K engagements
  • 672K video plays
  • Reach of 373K

Lucy and Lentils

We collaborated with Lucy in November 2022 to create a Breadmaker Reel as part of our partnership with Matthews Cotswold Flour. Lucy also created recipe Reels for Double Baked Harissa Loaded Potatoes and Grilled Tofu & Pak Choi using Panasonic’s Combi Oven.

  • 1.5K engagements
  • 135K video plays
  • Reach of 57.3K

The Little Blog of Vegan

We partnered with Holly to create seasonal content using the Panasonic Combi Oven. Holly created some delicious Reindeer Cherry Bakewell Bars for Christmas time. Followed by a lovely Biscoff Babka for Veganuary.

  • 34.5K engagements
  • 794K video plays
  • Reach of 943K

Jane’s Patisserie

We collaborated with Jane to create Chocolate & Cherry Fondant Puddings for the festive period, using the Panasonic Combi Oven

  • 2K engagements
  • 343K video plays
  • Reach of 169K

Becky Excell

We partnered with Becky to create delicious gluten-free recipe Reels. One being a Gluten Free Cordon Bleu and the second was a delicious some Gluten Free Mini Egg Steamed Puddings for Easter. Both of these were created using the Panasonic Combi Oven.

  • 6.9K engagements
  • 274K video plays
  • Reach of 242K

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