Panasonic Kitchen UK

Community Kitchen Project


  • Grow the Panasonic Kitchen community, creating an engaged audience on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Cultivate and maintain strong brand advocates through exclusive opportunities both online and offline.
  • Identify core channels and strategies to drive engagement.
  • Encourage community activity from consumers and an increase in user-generated content.


The Community Kitchen Project was set to grow engagement and build a community amongst fans of the Panasonic Kitchen UK ranges, focusing on Breadmakers and Combination Ovens for a six-month period running from October 2022 to March 2023.

Our campaign included:

28 Reels created

  • This focused on inspirational recipes focused on seasonality,
    trends and innovative ways to use a microwave and breadmaker.

10 Reels by 5 influencers

  • We selected influencers based on their audience, values and content creation skills to ensure the content is engaging. Each creator was given a theme or recipe to work from based on when it will be featured on social media.

2 Brand Partnership collaborations

  • Partnered with Matthews Cotswold Flour to engage the baking demographic to win a brand new Panasonic SD-RY2540 Breadmaker flour range that compliments the Panasonic Breadmaker and brings an engaging partnership to existing and potential customers.
  • Partnered with Pasta Evangelists to drive engagement and awareness to both brands and show the multi-functions of the Combi Oven, for example, microwave and bake which can be done using Pasta Evangelist’s products.

Paid Social Strategy

  • Ads were focused on driving engagement levels to an existing audience.
  • Promoted recipes to drive saves which supports the algorithm and ongoing content.

Engagement Strategy

  • Our engagement strategy focused on connecting with relevant users to create a positive encounter around the brand.


During the six-month project, we achieved the below:


  • 36,118 engagements
  • 3,120,306 impressions
  • Reach of 2,166,750
  • 3,894 saves
  • 4,362 new followers


  • 13,634 engagements
  • 3,450,353 impressions
  • Reach of 6,186,513
  • 35,226 link clicks
  • 2,581 new followers

Awarded Best Social Media Campaign by 2023 UK Agency Awards.

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Total Engagements


New Followers


Total Impressions