Panasonic Kitchen UK & Matthews Cotswold Flour

Brand Partnership


  • Drive engagement to Facebook & Instagram
  • Grow following on both channels

Campaign Overview

We partnered our client Panasonic Kitchen UK with Matthews Cotswold Flour to engage the baking demographic to win a brand new Panasonic SD-RY2540 Breadmaker flour range that compliments the Panasonic Breadmaker and brings an engaging partnership to existing and potential customers. We collaborated with Bam Bam Social on behalf of their client Matthews Cotswold Flour.

Matthews Cotswold Flour represents around 8% of retail specialty flour sales and 12% of online specialty flour sales in the UK. The concept behind this partnership is that it will bring their new flour mixes to life with a collaboration with Panasonic Kitchen UK and bring a relevant audience over to engage on the Panasonic Kitchen UK channels. 

Our campaign included:

  • Creative content with Reels
  • Facebook and Instagram competition to win a night’s stay at the Lambs inn in the heart of the Cotswolds, a baking lesson, 12 bags of Matthews Cotswold Flour bread mixes and a Panasonic SD-YR2540 Breadmaker
  • Influencer collaboration making a loaf of bread using the Panasonic SD-YR2540 Breadmaker and a Matthews Cotswold Flour bread mix alongside a recipe


‘Meet the Miller’ Reel – Matthews Cotswold Flour in collaboration with Panasonic Kitchen UK

Pumpkin Spiced Bread Reel – Shared on Panasonic Kitchen UK using Matthews Cotswold Flour

Instagram Competition Reel – Panasonic Kitchen UK in collaboration with Matthews Cotswold Flour

Facebook Competition – Shared by Panasonic Kitchen UK, tagging Matthews Cotswold Flour

Influencer Reel – Lucy and Lentils in collaboration with Panasonic Kitchen UK


We have driven some great results!

  • 49% combined increase in following on both Panasonic Kitchen UK channels
  • Reached 139,870
  • Gained 7,495 engagements
  • 78,933 Reel plays

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