Ole & Steen

Organic TikTok Growth Strategy


  • Grow TikTok following, engagement and brand awareness.
  • Make the Ole & Steen brand more personalised on this new platform.
  • Increase brand presence through an organic strategy.


Our organic TikTok growth strategy for Ole & Steen focuses on increasing followers, driving engagement, video views and increasing the overall brand awareness by connecting with relevant users to create a positive encounter around the Ole & Steen brand. Jumping onto relevant conversations to get customers talking and giving the Ole & Steen brand a personality that shines on this platform that is different from the rest.


During the first month of running TikTok, organically, we drove:

  • +92.5% increase in new followers.
  • 1.6k engagements.
  • +28.6k impressions.
  • 422 TikTok profile views, +494% increase.
  • 5.38% engagement rate.
  • 28.61k video views.

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organic engagements


engagement rate


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