Ondine Cuisine

Social Media Strategy


  • Build brand awareness
  • Drive sales


Ondine’s cookware offers a pure, non-toxic cooking experience that protects the taste and nutrients of your food. The aim of their social media strategy is to drive increased brand awareness and sales. It focuses on sharing the founder Marie’s story, the merits of non-toxic cooking and key partnership activity with their Chef Ambassadors.

We communicate core marketing campaigns via engaging social media campaigns and have fostered key relationships resulting in fantastic brand partnership opportunities. Furthermore, we’ve helped them become an engaged brand online by pro-actively building conversations with key players in the hospitality and wellbeing industries. 


We have organically driven a 14% increase in following, 16.9k engagements and 861.5k impressions.

What they said…

“As a client, we require a very targeted and precise approach to social media, and we are extremely protective about our brand and the way it is represented. For this reason, we have struggled to find a social media agency. However, since finding Kitch we have been extremely impressed, and they have supported us in all areas and their experience and connections have really moved our brand to the next level.”

Darren Sheffield, Marketing & Communications at Ondine