Ole & Steen

Engagement Strategy


  • Grow social following and engagement
  • Make the Ole & Steen brand more personalised
  • Increase brand presence 


Our Social Media engagement strategy for Ole & Steen focuses on increasing followers, driving engagement and increasing the overall brand awareness by connecting with relevant users to create a positive encounter around the Ole & Steen brand. Jumping onto relevant conversations to get customers talking, running quarterly content days to capture Reel content which increases reach and engagement, and creating social media campaigns on New Bakery Openings to drive excitement and increase the overall brand awareness of the bakery as they expand to new audiences


Over our first year working with Ole & Steen we have achieved:

  • +12,129 new followers.
  • 142,925 engagements.
  • +13m impressions.
  • 157.36k Instagram profile views, +110% increase.
  • 10.9K incoming Instagram direct messages +1,841% increase.

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