Ole & Steen

New Bakery Openings


  • Build brand awareness
  • Drive engagement
  • Increase footfall to a new area

Campaign Overview

Ole & Steen showcases the best in craftsmanship – freshly baked products, made from scratch. Their first UK store opened in December 2016 on Haymarket, today more than 300 bakers work to support the Danish, London and New York bakeries with Ole & Steen recently opening their 26th bakery

When we started with Ole & Steen, a year ago, they had 17 bakeries so we were brought on to support with openings of 9 new bakeries for the coming year. Our objective was to work closely with the team to deliver a social media strategy in-line with generating brand awareness for the new openings. Creating unique social media campaigns to bring awareness to the local community and drive engagement online.


Results achieved from supporting 9 new bakery openings

  • 2.13% engagement rate.
  • 13,286 total engagements
  • 782,877 impressions
  • 137 total posts shares
  • 218,266k total Reel views

Our Greenwich opening day and teaser reels were the most successful with a combined 68.7k views, 1.9k likes and 66.8k users reached.

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Engagement Rate


Total Engagements