Ole & Steen

Engagement Strategy


  • Grow social following and engagement
  • Make the Ole & Steen brand more personalised
  • Increase brand awareness

Social Media Engagement Strategy

Ole & Steen showcases the best in craftsmanship – freshly baked products, made from scratch. Their first UK store opened in December 2016 on Haymarket, today more than 300 bakers work to support the Danish, London and New York bakeries.

Our engagement strategy focuses on connecting with relevant users to create a positive encounter around the Ole & Steen brand. We utilise our bespoke ‘Listening’ software to jump onto trends and engage in relevant conversations.


The conversations we’ve started:

Popular influencer @Temp_Tation posted a reel about finding the best Cinnamon Bun in London. Our ‘Listening’ software picked up the conversation starter of ‘Cinnamon Bun’, we jumped on this straight away (because Ole & Steen Cinnamon Buns are definitely the best in London) and sent him their best-selling Cinnamon Social and Cinnamon Swirl to try.

Not only did he give them the top rating but they beat competitors Gail’s to the title of ‘Best Cinnamon Bun in London’ with his video also directing 83 new followers to the Ole & Steen Instagram in one day.

We even get celebrities involved…

Carrie Hope Fletcher and Pixie Lott both had commented about their love of Ole & Steen… So what did we do? We sent them a selection of popular pastries resulting in story shares from their account, further driving brand awareness.



New followers in one day


Story Impressions from Pixie Lott and Carrie Hope Fletcher content


The rating given to Ole & Steen’s Cinnamon Swirl – the best in London!