Mr. Stanley’s

Social Media Strategy


  • Grow social channels and engagement 
  • Drive website sales
  • Increase brand awareness


Mr. Stanley’s are a traditionally British confectionery company that can be traced back to 1843. Starting as a small, family owned business; the company has expanded and diversified and now offer over 50 products which celebrate British confectionery.

Our social media strategy focuses on talking about Mr. Stanley and his brand and sharing on-brand content that will drive engagement and followers. To maintain consistency, we have continued to introduce influencer outreach, a personalised engagement approach, and content planning. We have recently introduced monthly competitions and Instagram Reels to enhance the social metrics and to continue growing brand awareness.


In the initial 6-month launch period, we have grown a combined following of 6.5K followers, engagement of 15.3K and 255K impressions across platforms. We are thrilled to be working with Mr Stanley’s for another year.

Top performing competition stats:

  • 173 new Instagram followers and 706 engagements 
  • 160 new Facebook followers and 1.3K engagements 
  • 403 new Twitter followers and 2.5K engagements