Brand Launch Social Media Strategy


  • To drive membership sales for the studio ahead of opening
  • Build a strong social media presence


We developed and managed a social media strategy and advertising campaign with the aim to build brand awareness and generate pre-launch membership transactions. We set to work in August, ahead of the studio’s opening in October. Initiating the drive with an organic social media strategy across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we then followed up with a targeted advertising campaign. Ads were run on Facebook and Instagram using CGI shots and videos as well as images from a pre-launch photo shoot. We used these as teaser posts and also to encourage potential clients to buy into the story behind the brand. All the pre-launch offers were set up as products on their Facebook shop and on the website.


The pre-launch campaign yielded 530 membership purchases before the opening date on 18th October. 94% of these were online.

What they said…

“The Kitch team have been a joy to work with, pioneering our social and advertising strategies. They were instrumental in delivering fantastic pre-launch membership sales which were vital as we started our new business. Professional and dynamic, they’re always on hand to discuss any new initiatives or to address queries.”

Jill Simpson, Founder of Ebb&Flow


pre-launch memberships sold


were sold online