Great British Chefs Partnership

In partnership with our clients at Wright Brothers for data capture & social reach


  • Introduce GBC Users to The Wright Brothers brand.
  • Have GBC users engage with The Wright Brothers via on-site
    competition and inspiring relevant (pre-existing) fish
    recipes on site.
  • Gain new opt-in users for The Wright Brothers Database.

How We Got Involved

Our objective was to successfully increase The Wright Brothers database by partnering with a brand who has a similar and relevant demographic. Through much research we identified an ideal partner to be Great British Chefs.

Kitch organised this partnership with Great British Chefs who posted an on-site competition to generate data for both brands. This was supported via social media, an article about the brand and email marketing.


Our aim was to organise and manage a successful partnership to support The Wright Brothers grow their current database and reach new audiences for . Great British Chefs are the perfect brand who are well aligned with The Wright Brothers.

As part of the partnership, Great British Chefs ran an on-site competition which included data entry and an opt-in to marketing emails, benefitting The Wright Brothers brand. To further support The Wright Brothers with brand awareness, Great British Chefs promoted via social media, ran an on-site article and column ad and sent out email newsletters to their current database.

The final part of our strategy was a successful social media competition, posted in collaboration on the Great British Chefs Instagram with Wright Brothers. This received 2,446 entries and gained The Wright Brothers 890 followers and had a social reach of 20,724.

The database campaign generated the following results:

2 minute dwell time on the on-site article.

0.28% Click Through Rate on The Wright Brothers on-site banners (benchmark was 0.10%)

40% on-site competition open-rate.

11,423 on-site competition entries.

4,016 opt-in marketing emails.

31% newsletter open-rate.

648,701 total campaign reach.

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Campaign reach


Opt-In Marketing Emails


Competition Open-Rate