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New Bakery Opening in Windsor


  • To successfully launch Ole & Steen’s 21st bakery into a completely new area; Windsor.
  • Drive brand awareness.
  • Drive a local following.
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Ole & Steen cakes and pastries
hand holding coffee on Windsor high street
iced coffee behind a potato and beef open rye sandwich


Our objective was to successfully launch Ole & Steen‘s 21st bakery in Windsor, driving awareness and footfall via social media.

Whilst delivering a strong organic content strategy and full management service, we also implemented a social media advertising strategy and partnership activity.


The core of our strategy was to deliver engaging, organic content to profile the new bakery and target local users. This included teasing the location to encourage engagement, sharing announcements about the opening and unique activity on the day to drive excitement. We also took to stories, utilising Story Stickers such as ‘Question’ asking users to guess the new bakery location and ‘Countdown’ to build excitement.

As part of the opening strategy we planned a ‘Surprise & Delight’ initiative. This involved 50 bouquets of flowers, each containing a gift, hidden around Windsor. We posted clues on stories – again utilising Story Stickers, so users could guess where they were hidden, find them and claim the prize. This activity alone, generated 19k reach on stories and 326 engagements.

The final part of our strategy was paid social. Using the allocated budget to maximise engagements around opening activity, website traffic to the app and brand awareness locally in Windsor.

Our campaign generated the following results:

+7.7% increase in total followers.

+880.2% increase in total engagements.

+112% increase in brand awareness.

1,970 website users direct from social.

1.5m total impressions from paid social.

32k total views on Reels.

Secured partnership with Visit Windsor, further generating brand awareness by featuring on their website and social media. Website hits received 63 page views within the first day of going live and social media posts have gone out to an audience of 2k local users.

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Total followers


Total Engagements


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