It’s often beneficial to establish brand partnerships with businesses of a similar calibre, or who are in a market that you’d like to branch into.

We source brands that have a similar target market and customer demographic as you, creating a mutually beneficial proposition. We’ll liaise with you and the partner brand to optimise and strategise the partnership activity, aligning with your marketing plan.

Here are a few examples of how brand partnerships can work:

  • Co-hosting an event
  • Sponsorship
  • Experiential activities
  • Gift with purchases
  • Supplements
  • Long-term marketing campaigns

Create partnerships with your strategy in mind.

Working with brands similar to yours can open up doors to their customers. Creating exclusive opportunities with them in mind will strengthen your partnership.

Whether it be with another luxury brand, an exclusive offer for a location based initiative or a campaign to accumulate data for both parties we can support you all the way.