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Add a little luxury to your social media

Social media is used by many brands globally now. If you’re not on there you’ll be losing out to competitors, reducing your engagement and not be maintaining a relationships with your fans. Luxury brands are seen as exclusive and private, but social media offers the opportunity for fans to become part of that close knit […]

The Importance of Community Growth

What are we without the people around us that support, endorse and become part of our everyday community? This counts in real life face to face situations, as well as in online groups and of course social media. Without nurturing your community and being proactive within it you will see it suffer and perish. For […]

Driving sales via social media

Social media is now an incremental tool for all businesses, whether B2C or B2B there’s a strategy that will help you to acquire the right customers for your brand. You need a strategy to make a change, working haphazardly will not see you achieve the potential you can gain from focus and if driving sales […]


Remember to Communicate in uncertain times

It’s been a really interesting few weeks looking at how people are communicating with their communities on social media. Some are avoiding the subject of Coronavirus altogether, while others are responding with panic and not considering their customers, staff or business strategy. However, there are some who are doing a great job, sharing a good […]


8 Years of Kitch

I’m delighted to say that Kitch Media has made it 8 whole years. 8 years of working with an array of clients that have brought joy and immense pleasure to us. You always get the highs and lows of running a business but that’s what makes every day exciting and sometimes challenging. Here are my […]

Top Tips For Christmas Social Media Advertising

If you think you’ve missed the boat by not planning a social media strategy for Christmas, then do not fear, there’s still time to get your ass in gear. First things first, get your organic content in order and ensure you’ve got enough relevant posts going out each week to promote various elements of your […]

A beginners guide to social media influencers

With the number of social media influencers growing rapidly year on year, it’s important to identify who is a true “influencer” and how you can capitalise on it effectively. Here’s our handy beginner’s guide to social media influencers. Why use influencers? Having a bank of influencers to invite to events is a fantastic tool as you […]