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Kitchmas Challenge

This year we wanted to do something a little different over the festive period, so we have set ourselves a Kitchmas fundraising challenge. The Kitchmas Challenge As a team, we have 2 million steps to complete before we can tuck into our Christmas feasts. From Tuesday 23rd November to Thursday 23rd December, we will be […]

Festive feels and reels for Christmas 2021

As we approach what we hope will be a more ‘normal’ Christmas than we experienced last year, there is still some apprehension out there on going the full hog and getting all your plans in place. Even for online businesses who are reliant on shipping containers and lorry drivers to deliver their stock there could […]

How to create a professional brand page on LinkedIn

Networking is nothing new and is proven to be a successful strategy to make new connections, this can be done both in person or online. During Covid 19, it has taught us that by utilising social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, you can network from anywhere, no matter the circumstance. Brand pages allow LinkedIn members to […]

Our Top 6 Ways to Improve your Instagram Engagement

Engagement is one of the most important things when it comes to building your social presence. It helps you build brand awareness, giving users a feel for what you are about and provides an opportunity to show your brand personality whilst talking to like-minded people, businesses or potential customers. To give your brand the social […]

Top Photography Tips for your Social Media

Unprecedented times doesn’t have to mean uncertainty in your business, in fact, this is a key time to be posting regularly as the majority of people will be online. In this blog post, we’ll be giving you the top photography tips for taking that perfect picture for social and the best part is you don’t […]


Add a little luxury to your social media

Social media is used by many brands globally now. If you’re not on there you’ll be losing out to competitors, reducing your engagement and not be maintaining a relationships with your fans. Luxury brands are seen as exclusive and private, but social media offers the opportunity for fans to become part of that close knit […]

How Brands Should Use Video on Social Media

Video use on social media is proving to be the most powerful business asset for gaining new followers, growing your brand and driving sales. But as with many things, how do you know which type of video to use for your brand? This is where our friends at Gusto.film step in with our next guest blog to […]

Making TikTok Work For Your Brand

If the pandemic was good for anything, it was undoubtedly good for TikTok. It skyrocketed as one of the most popular platforms, coming in close, just under Instagram. During lockdown 1.0, who remembers seeing viral videos of dancing, banana bread tutorials and the perfect lip syncs? Even us, at Kitch, we were curious to see […]

The Power of Live Video for Businesses

Over the past year, we’ve all seen a huge amount of change in an unusually short space of time. This is especially true for social media, with more functionality available to you in just a few simple clicks. Live video has become an extremely powerful way to communicate online, so what do you need to […]