4 apps for your social media

We’ve done the research and have pulled together some of our favourite apps that make your social media look sh*t hot and yet keep the process minimal and efficient.


It’s well-known that Instagram Stories are forever developing and getting even more advanced. Animations are key to keep your viewers interested and watching your stories. Luckily, we found Mojo to make professional and sleek looking stories easy to create. Mojo is great for bringing your story to life, by taking static images to animations, from basic text to typography effects and still giving you the freedom to keep your content on brand.




Similar to Mojo, Instories offers lots of templates for you to use for your stories and social media. Depending on your brand assets one may be more favourable to you but we would definitely recommend having a play with both apps and finding the one right for your brand.




LifeLapse is a great app that allows you to create stop motion graphics. Stop motions are a fun way to tell a story that looks professional. When in reality it takes all of 10 minutes to create. People love satisfying, ascetically pleasing graphics and a stop motion is the perfect tool.



If you have a bit more time and are feeling a bit more creative, we highly recommend A Design Kit. It allows you to add your own touch, by having a paint feature, where you can include your own handwriting and drawings. As well as having text and shape features. Although this app doesn’t offer any animation or moving features, you could download your design and upload it into one of the apps mentioned previously.


We hope these apps help you with your social media and bring out your creative side.

All the love, Kitch x

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