Adding personality to your brand’s digital marketing

Have you ever been stuck with a bore at a party? We all dread being cornered by someone who only seems interested in talking about themselves. Far more engaging is the party guest who engages with you and can talk about a range of common interests as well as engross you in their own story.

It’s all very well letting your existing and potential customers know all about your products and events, but do that and only that and you risk turning into the party bore. Social media marketing provides the perfect platform to add a sense of personality to your brand.

Invite your followers into your story

In our work with clients, we consistently see that their best performing posts are the ones which give a glimpse of the real people behind the brand. This can be as little or as much as you feel comfortable with (within reason!). Perhaps you always bring your dogs into the office: our friend Digby loves to show off on Twitter. Maybe you have dress-down Fridays. It could be that you have a predilection for patisserie. Threading these gems through your content adds a dash of charisma which invites engagement from your audience. It goes far beyond you just showing them things you want them to buy.

We’re always interested to find out what makes our clients passionate about what they do. We love learning the story behind the brands we represent. Sharing these little titbits makes the audience feel included and as if they’re travelling alongside you. We like to strike up a rapport with your existing and potential clients that builds confidence, enthusiasm and loyalty. Behind-the-scenes shots, talking about events you’re going to or the things that might inspire your next project are all fantastic ways to open the door between yourself and your consumer.

Tying it into the brand

Consider your product and the demographics of your potential and existing clients. You may have a young and vibrant team, but if you’re selling a traditional product or service to an older audience then you need to consider this when it comes to your digital marketing and visa versa.

What do you stand for? Who are you hoping to reach? These are key considerations when it comes to adding personality to your brand’s digital marketing. We specialise in creating content that will engage and delight. We will share your posts strategically at the times and places your audience will see them, ensuring you’re reaching the right people at the best time.

How we make it work

Our client Milly Green creates beautifully illustrated gift items and homewares. Their nostalgic, characterful items are sold via a number of different outlets, they also create merchandise for high profile events such as Ascot and Wimbledon. They are passionate animal lovers with a menagerie of creatures from pigs and cats to guinea pigs and the dachshunds who join them in the office every day. We have had great success (and fun!) incorporating these aspects into their content.

Another of our clients, Smiths of Smithfield, are specialists in British meat, butchering it all in-house at their two buzzing restaurant sites in London. They have an enthusiastic and incredibly creative team. Often they send us images of what they are up to or what’s just come in from their suppliers. We then optimise them for each platform as part of our overarching planned strategy. This makes for engaging and atmospheric content; inviting followers into the kitchen and along for the ride.

Once you have your voice in place, make sure you keep to it. Let your digital marketing become the embodiment of your brand and get social!

We’re passionate about helping you to get your brand seen by the right people and in the most engaging ways possible. We understand that it can feel unnerving to hand over your social platforms to outsiders. When we start to work with new clients we hold an in-depth brand induction to immerse ourselves in your brand. We aim to be an extension of your team and are able to maintain a friendly, personable approach as we are a small team.

If you’d like to talk about the ways in which we could help your business please get in touch.

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