A beginners guide to social media influencers

With the number of social media influencers growing rapidly year on year, it’s important to identify who is a true “influencer” and how you can capitalise on it effectively. Here’s our handy beginner’s guide to social media influencers.

Why use influencers?

Having a bank of influencers to invite to events is a fantastic tool as you are not only showing that you can put on a successful event, they are providing coverage for your product or service as a result of attending the occasion. There are a few things that you might want to consider before inviting them.

What to consider when choosing an influencer

  • Organic following
  • Engagement on their posts
  • How active they are on social
  • Have they posted about other events in the past?
  • The impact they have on their community


These days it’s very easy to purchase inactive followers/bots from a third party website. It works out at around £10 for 1000 new followers on some sites. This is becoming a major problem when sourcing new influencers for your business. There is no benefit when inviting someone that has an organic follower base of 100 and has 30k followers that they paid for. Measuring an ROI (return on investment)

When it comes to gauging if it is worth inviting an influencer to an event or sending them some product, it’s always best to create a report on what they have posted and the things they have done prior, during and post event. The best way to do this is to capture all of the content and record the number of engagements produced by that individual whether it be a feed post or a story. This way you know who is effective and who you should use again.

Are they interested in your business?

We believe brands should select influencers that will have an actual interest in their product or service. This way you know that they will enjoy the experience, have followers of a relevant demographic and potentially become genuine ambassadors in the long-term.

These are the basic factors to consider when looking for social media influencers for your product or service. For more information or some extra tips please contact us here.

All the love, Kitch x



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