8 Years of Kitch

I’m delighted to say that Kitch Media has made it 8 whole years.

8 years of working with an array of clients that have brought joy and immense pleasure to us. You always get the highs and lows of running a business but that’s what makes every day exciting and sometimes challenging. Here are my top 8 moments of running Kitch.

  1. Watching the team grow, which includes hiring Susan Zwinkels 5 years ago. You’ve been an integral part of where we are today and we love having you in the team.
  2. Signing with Godiva Chocolates, it was a tough tender process against big agencies but we made it through to the end. We worked with them for 4 years to grow their brand awareness on social media in the UK and Belgium.

Godiva Chocolates

3. Sorry, it’s another chocolate-related one… working with the amazing team at Great British Chefs on the fantastic Godiva Challenge. We engaged with influencers and food bloggers to drive entries for this event, a chocolate version of the Great British Menu.

4. Heading to The Tower of London for a show-stopping evening with Dave Burt from @LONDON and his talented partner and influencer Alice Sampo. The event showcased the Sovereign Collection by Thameen Fragrance, their fragrances are like no other you’ve ever smelt, so if you’re looking for a treat I’d recommend the Diadem. The car ride home with Lorna Luxe did not disappoint either, such an amazing lady with huge ambitions and who is genuinely lovely.

Sovereign Collection by Thameen Fragrance Event by @London

5. Taking it back to the team on this one and loving the all-female five we are today. People come and go but we always keep in touch and have made some wonderful friends over the years. Our current dream team is a great bunch and there was some serious bonding done at the Christmas Goodwood Apres Ski Party. Not forgetting Chewie, who is ‘Top Dog’ at Kitch and often requested for meetings.


6. Managing to keep a work/life balance whilst being a mum. I’ve loved having the opportunity to do both, having valuable time with my children has been incredible.

7. I couldn’t go without mentioning the Young’s Pubs team, who we work with on a daily basis. We love being part of their ‘ramily’ and are lucky to work on exciting projects with them all year round.

8. I’d like to mention all of our clients, but I can’t squeeze them all in. Launching Ebb&Flow was particularly inspiring, from sitting around Jill’s kitchen table prior to the Yoga studio’s launch 2 years ago, to working on their newly launched corporate wellbeing business, it’s been a wonderful journey.

So what’s in store for the next 8? Who knows and quite honestly, it’s a rather exciting time. We can’t wait to keep the journey going with both new and existing clients, by expanding our team and getting out there.

Thank you to everyone that’s been with us along the way.

Natalie x

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