Sussex Digital Awards Finalists

It’s an exciting time at Kitch HQ and we’re busier than ever. Not only have we taken on several new clients but our existing ones are taking the plunge and investing into new projects. What's more, we’re thrilled that two of our clients…
Influencer Outreach

Influencer Outreach

Social media has changed hugely over the last two years. Platforms have used the fact there is an increased awareness of social media value for brands; meaning it is now harder for companies to reach their target market. Influencer outreach…

Reach New Audiences Using Social Media

Businesses can reach new audiences using social media, used effectively it's a fantastic tool for building a brand's online presence. It provides the opportunity to create a conversation with potential customers and helps people to discover…

The new Kitch website and rebrand

Our brand Kitch was in need of a major overhaul and after a long decision process on who to work with for our new website and rebrand, it was decided that we would work with a young budding agency in Chichester called Odes and Ink.