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Social Media Strategy


  • Increase brand awareness using social channels.
Godiva Social Media Strategy by Kitch
Godiva Influencer Outreach event
Godiva Influencer Outreach event
Godiva Influencer Outreach event


Our initial focus was on planning and developing a robust social media strategy that would effectively engage Godiva’s target customers, across all channels.

Once the first campaign was launched, our focus shifted to management. We post unique, engaging and relevant content to drive awareness of the latest Godiva product lines and offers. Alongside this, we continually engage with the target market to generate conversation and momentum around the brand.

When Godiva hosted an event, Kitch supports the organisation and running of it. We also ensure that key blogger influencers are attending.  The final part of our strategy was to set up brand partnerships with relevant businesses, with a view to increasing visibility of the Godiva brand.


Kitch has handled all social media accounts for Godiva for the past 2 years. In this time, there’s been a significant increase in followers across all social channels.

For example: Godiva’s Twitter followers have increased by 278%, while their Instagram channel is up by a massive 5146%!

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Year 1: Twitter 128%, Instagram 122%, Facebook 76%, Pinterest 609%.
  • Year 2: Twitter 66%, Instagram 136%, Facebook 190%, Pinterest 64%.

What they said…

“We’re so excited to launch our social media presence in the UK with Kitch. The UK is a key focus in Godiva’s expansion plans, and we are thrilled to be able to engage and further communicate with our UK customers through these new channels. The team at Kitch have been a delight to work with and more than deliver our expectations.”

Victoria Leadbitter, Brand Manager EMEA at Godiva Chocolates UK


Twitter Followers


Year 2 – Instagram


Year 2 – Facebook

Godiva Social Media Strategy by Kitch